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Paddleboard yoga

Yes, it is possible and you will enjoy it! When you do yoga on the water, you literally blend in with the water, strengthen the inner muscles you didn't even know, stretch and enjoy the fun. With our experienced lecturer you can go to SUP yoga to several places in Prague. On Střelecký Island you can feel the history of the city from a slightly different perspective, you will be part of the fun on the water right in the center of Prague. You can find more calm water as well as the environment for yoga in Žluté lázně, where you can enjoy meditation too.


Lucie was trained as a SUP yoga instructor in the Billabong surf camp in 2017 in Sanur. She teach and promote this great activity on lakes and rivers but also on the open sea. She has experience with individuals as well as groups of daredevils of different skill levels. Don't worry if you're a complete beginner!



- A brief introduction and an explanation of what's going on

- equipment preparation

- basics and safety on SUP in dry conditions

- stretching

- boarding

- Final relaxation



1,5 hour



- spare sportswear: shorts and t-shirt

- towel, sunscreen, glasses

- Drink, snack



Individually by appointment. Strelecky Island, Zlute lazne, eventually Brno Dam (order at least 2 weeks in advance)



- Complete equipment for SUP from Starboard and Tambo by rider level

- Incredibly great feeling after lesson :-)


Private lesson (1 person): 990 CZK

Semi-private lessons (2 persons): 750 CZK / person

Group lesson (3 and more people): 550 CZK / person




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